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With over 100 trips to Mecca and over 2000 Hujjaj, see what they have to say about there experience with Sunnah Foundation. 

Rahath Ferdose

"Finally, this Hajj trip was a significant life event for me and I’m grateful to Allah SWT for allowing me to do this and thankful to Sunnah Foundation for helping me throughout this wonderful journey."

Raouf Khodr

"Continue doing what they are doing. I think they go out of their way to keep everyone happy. I can see the over 20 years hajj experience during my trip, it was perfect."


"I was really impressed with the lectures and tours provided. They both increased my understanding and effort to perform the hajj rituals I was meant to complete."

Fatema Alam

"Sheikh Abdulsalam and Sheikh Kamal and the organisers were fantastic to deal with and listen to. I loved the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the groups. The lessons were very enjoyable especially the ones in Mecca after fajr. I felt it got our day off to a great start followed by tawaf. I preferred the after fajr lessons more than ones after asr. It was a great routine set for us. Most of all, I just loved completing this fundamental pillar of Islam knowing very well that I was safely fulfilling all of the Sunnah requirements."


"Thank you to all for making this a truly memorable trip!! The level of guidance and knowledge provided was truly priceless."


"May Allah swt reward the organisers and sheiks for making this trip truly an unforgettable one. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were all looked after and gained as much knowledge as possible. I will be highly recommending this hajj group to all family and friends."


"Excellent service ,so organized Alhamdulilah."


Allahuma Tabarak, The whole trip was amazing and everyone that organised and lead us was amazing . I could not have wanted or needed anything more than what was given. Actually Sheik Kamal, Sheik Abdul "Salam and his son Sheik, Abu Ibrahim, Abu Jamil and Abu Hasan were amazing and went above and beyond their duties to make us comfortable and were knowledgeable mashallah answered all our questions mashallah Tabarak Allah." 

Amar Elmir

"I believe Abu Ibraheem was an important asset to this group without his prompt messages communication and helpful can do attitude my first hajj trip would have been regretful. His hard work daily and behind the scenes made it easy. My husband and I are very grateful and appreciate all help and advice given by all Sheikhs. Most Importantly we dont feel regretful for choosing this organization as our hajj group. May Allah reward you in this world and the next. Ameen."


"The spiritual lessons by both sheikhs was outstanding and extremly beneficial hence why i would highly recommend this group for any first time hajj participant." 

Abraham Kazzaz

"The amazing lectures and the great organisation that took away the stress of getting around and allowed us to completely focus on our hajj rites." 


"The group, the Shuyukho and the guides did an amazing job to bring the group together and ensure everyone had an amazing experience following the Sunnah."

Mahmoud Dakarmanji

"Overall was very satisfied with the experience , enjoyed the whole trip and would definitely go again with the same group for future trips inshallah . In my opinion I chose the best group to go with and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to perform hajj."


"Lectures and lessons, especially those conducted by Sheikh AbdulSalam and Sheikh Abu Bakr. Also enjoyed that we had the option to choose between Arabic and English."

Muhammad Khan

"I found the Sunnah hajj group is one of the best group i am doing first time hajj alhumdulliah how happy I am ! I already send to my all friend and relative live in Sydney sothat they perform hajj through sunnah group."


"The headsets where a genius idea that's a very smart way to communicate and listen to the talks and any important information that needed to be passed on" 


"Performing umrah and hajj with people that showed so much patience and care for everyone and amazing attention to detail." 

Nawid Moeen

"If i come again I will choose inshallah Sunnah Foundation." 


"The whole atmosphere waz grate especialy (Abu Ibraheem) got out of his way to help me an my wife to touch the holy 🕋 and kiss the black rock😁😚😚😚😚😚"

Mouhamed Elzmetr

"In essence one thing that stood out was the receptiveness of the leaders to ensure that the group was happy at all times. I admired that."

Rana Kak

"As mentioned prior, the lessons, the focus on sunnah and the amazing organisers and sheikhs. May Allah reward them all immensely and grant them jannah al firdous."

Iftekhar Imran

"Very well organized tour. Islamic lessons were fantastic. Enjoyed the companies of the sheiks. Management hold the team sprit very well, we felt that we came here as a member of a big family." 

Ismail Nash

"I cannot thank the leadership enough in ensuring a successful Hajj. May Allah accept your Hajj, your duas Jazak Allah Khair for making my Hajj easy for me." 

Abdelsalam Kak

"Overall the whole group was amazing, the leaders, sheikhs, Abu Ibrahim, communication (headsets, WhatsApp), material provided pre hajj etc. we came to hajj prepared. The lectures during hajj could not be faulted. All of which were of the highest quality. The extra effort during the trip was not unnoticed, all the food that was provided, the buses provided to prevent us walking, etc. I would like to have had 1 extra day in Madinah, I enjoyed having Madinah after Makkah, and I think this is a good idea but we had a busy schedule so one more day with nothing planned would be good. So much packed into those few days, first trip to Islamic museum could have been a miss. Perhaps doing uhud and masjid quba after fajr would be an idea.. A big positive about the whole trip was organisation and logistics - beside initial Dubai airport bus wait, the rest of the trip was flawless. JzkAllah kheir for all involved, the sheikhs Shan and Abu Hussain - all made for a uneventful trip."



"Before I came I heard hajj is a big unorganised event, I've. Been so impressed of the way you organisers have delt with everything, very professional very impressive. trip was excellent got a great team and great organisers, I wouldn't go with anyone else after it all went so smoothly."

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The 1st of 3 days (or 4!) on which stoning happens at the jamarat. An incredibly important emulation of our father Ibrahim (AS)

#Madinah #arafah #Makkah #Hajj2024
An incredible day of exertion and effort ahead of the Hujjaj today, at the end of which they can shave their heads. The highlight is seeing the ka'bah once again! What a sight it is after these days of effort. An amazing day

#Makkah #arafah #Madinah
The 40 kilometre day is here!

The walk from Muzdalifah to Makkah commences, via the first day of stoning at the Jamarat.

A long walk ahead of them but one of the most memorable ones!

Labbayk Allahumma labbayk!

 #makkah #Hajj2024 #Madinah
Fajr prayer at Muzdalifah before the hujjaj depart for the first stoning at Mina and onto Makkah for the Tawaf and cutting of their hair ❤️ 

A huge journey on foot but a most satisfying one. 

 #makkah #Hajj2024 #Madinah

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